Incrocio Bruni 54 – Marche Igt Incrocio Bruni

Incrocio Bruni 54 Martche Igt Incrocio Bruni

Production: Fratterosa PESARO and URBINO – MARCHES
Vine variety: Incrocio Bruni 54 or Dorico 54
Vineyard: Vigna del Mulino
Surface: 1 ha
Plant spacing: 270 x 0,70
Altitude: 350 m above sea level
Plants per hectare: 5.500
Exposure: South–West
Training method: trellis with Guyot pruning or bow training
Plant age: 10 years
Harvesting period: first ten days of September
Harvesting method: grapes are handpicked into small boxes
Type of terrain: clayey-calcareous
Yield per hectare: 5 tonnes.
Vinification: soft, whole-bunch pressing. Cold, static must decanting. Controlled-temperature fermentation in steel vats.
Bottle-ageing: 3/4-month bottle-aging
Alcoholic strength: 12,50% – 13,50%
Serving temperature: 12°C

The Bruni 54 hybrid vine variety was created in 1936 by Prof. Bruno Bruni, who served in the Italian Ministry of Agriculture in the period 1930 to 1950. It was obtained by crossing by pollination the Sauvignon Blanc and Verdicchio cultivars. It is quite uncommon and exclusively grown in the Marches region. This vine variety had almost totally disappeared when the winery decided to replant a few vines in the context of a project for the reviving of old precious cultivars.

To the sight, a straw-yellow colour with slight golden nuances; to the nose, herby hints of tomato leaves, fruity hints of citrus fruits and bergamot, and elder flowers. Makes a strong impression in the mouth with its freshness balanced by warmth and softness, a finish of citrus fruits completes the picture.

Wine-and-food matching tips from the Sommelier
First course: Bavette (a type of pasta, otherwise known as linguine, shaped liked flat spaghetti) with asparagus cream

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Società Agricola Fratterosa S.S.
Via Serre 28, 61040 Fratte Rosa (PU)
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Società Agricola Fratterosa S.S.
Via Serre 28, 61040 Fratte Rosa (PU) ITALY
VAT 02230300416
Telephone:+39 0721 777412
Fax:+39 0721 771070