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Bianchello Metauro… which then turns yellow

Posted on: 07/22/2013

An evening in yellow to taste all the nuances of Bianchello Metauro Terracruda

Think about a night at dinner: the ingredients are art, chromaticity, herbs, came (in this case Bianchello Metauro Doc). What comes out? A creative tasting! The appointment (Thursday 25 July 2013, all 20) He could only take place in ValdericArte Creative Residence, Lamoli in Borgo Pace, a cultural and B&B which is characterized by being a container of art, nature, holiday accommodation. To accompany all one of Doc wines produced Marche from the Terracruda Winery Fratte Rosa: Bianchello Metauro.

The color Yellow It will be the eighth appointment with thread "The good taste places", meetings that are held every last Thursday of the month ValdericArte Creative Residence, with the aim to combine cosiness with friendliness and uniqueness.

Yellow is the color of plants and seasonal products, that will accompany us on a journey steeped in the sensations and colors of art. Yellow is the color of the bread that, depending upon local tradition of Borgo Pace, It is dyed a beautiful golden yellow with the addition of an ancient spice: saffron (crocus sativus), whose name derives from the Arabic “za῾farān” which means Yellow. To complete the magical atmosphere of the wine shades Bianchello Metauro, in its most mature developments, becomes Yellow. To assess all the various nuances that takes this wine, We will depart from Version sparkling wine with very soft colors, We pass to a Bianchello Metauro vintage, then at a selection to the tasting of more mature and golden raisin, obtained from the Metauro Bianchello grapes left to dry naturally on racks and left to rest in oak barrels for 24 months.

And finally quiz concerning the Yellow with prizes to the winners, as well as a small creative tribute to all participants.


Starter: Medieval Panzanella of yellow tomatoes with saffron bread

combined Sparkling wines White, metodo Charmat, Bianchello from grapes Metauro

First course: Yellow Passatelli to sunflower petals with schooner

combined with “Boccalino” Bianchello Metauro Doc 2012

Second dish: of Marche fillet with zucchini flowers with potatoes camomile

combined with “Campodarchi” Bianchello Metauro Doc 2010 Selection

Dolce: Tart plums and yellow tea rose petals

combined with “Ara Murata” Raisin grapes Bianchello Metauro Doc 2010

Data: Thursday 25 July 2013, ore 20.00

Place: ValdericArte Creative Residence, Location Valderica, 8, Lamoli of Borgo Pace (COULD)

Cost: 30 EUR per person

Reservations required: cell 328 33 80 906 (Stella), mail stella@valdericarte.com

Info: www.valdericarte.ea29.com The www.valdericarte.com

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