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Vines and Doc

Sometimes words are struggling to describe the experience of a taste. For this we let our wines speak for us, to tell stories of land plowed and cultivated by the expert hands of tireless men, stories of passion and effort to extract the best from the land and give you a 'only emotion with every sip.

The Cantina Terracruda It produces quality wines only from native grapes. The low yields per hectare, hand-picking in the vineyard in four steps, the timeliness of the transport of the grapes, the selection in the cellar, the temperature control during fermentation are part of the corporate philosophy. Our wines bear the signature of the master winemaker Giancarlo Soverchia.

Bianchello Metauro DOC

Obtained by Bianchello grapes, ancient clone of Trebbiano, the origin of this wine is lost in the mists of time. According to the historian Tacitus played an important role in the famous Battle of Metauro, fought in 207 a.C. by the river Metauro, decreeing the defeat, by the Romans, Carthaginians led by Hasdrubal, whose army had succumbed to the lure of Bianchello.

Pergola DOC Aleatico

Obtained by a biotype of Aleatico, already present in facility in ancient city of Pergola. aromatic grape that gives this wine great complexity of aromas both smell and taste. And 'the youngest of the three Doc of the Province of Pesaro and Urbino. Proposed in the versions Rosato, Red and Upper Aleatico.

DOC Colli pesaresi sangiovese

The Sangiovese it does not need any introduction: vine among the most widespread in the peninsula, home also located in the Marche hills, which it expresses its particular character.

crude foam

Sparkling wine obtained with the Charmat or Martinotti method of controlled fermentation in steel autoclave, which allows you to enhance the fruity characteristics, freshness and aroma of the basic vine.

Dessert wines

The “Visciola” recalls an ancient tradition of the Montefeltro, that traces the wine of cherries at the time of Federico da Montefeltro. It is said that the Duke of Urbino already in the fifteenth century "... did not drink wine of cerase ...". The cerase are nothing more than sour cherries, cherries that grow spontaneously in the hinterland of Urbino. It goes perfectly with chocolate. From our grapes Bianchello, let dry naturally on racks for a few months, Instead born Passito.

grapes rediscovered

You do not know who I am? Where dwells the magic born unusual and unexpected fruits, treasures of the earth which must not become lost. Thus the line "was borngrapes relic”, ancient native vines now completely disappeared that, through research, in collaboration with the University of Ancona, They were replanted and vinified in purity, not to lose the memory of this land. A challenge met thanks to the vision of our winemaker Giancarlo Soverchia and our love for indigenous flavors.

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