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Cinema Divino da Oscar a Terracruda

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cellar Meet Wednesday 5 August 2015 with the film "The Great Beauty", wine tasting, visit to the cellar, dinner and a movie under the stars

The summer festival which carries the film in the best cellars of central Italy stops wine company of Fratte Rosa. The appointment with "Cinema Divino" and for Wednesday 5 August 2015, starting from 19.30, the Cantina Terracruda, Via Serre 28.

An Oscar evening with Paolo Sorrentino's film "The great beauty"Named best foreign film in 2014. "Cinema Divine" is a format designed to open the doors to wine lovers a local winery, combining a wine tasting to watching a movie under the stars (with English subtitles) .

At the cost of 12 euros, it will be possible to taste three wine glasses, (Spumante Brut Blanc grapes from Bianchello, a White Aleatico Doc Pergola and Sangiovese without sulfites) visit the winery and enjoy the vision for the film. For the evening will also set up a refreshments where you can taste summer dishes and preparations typical of the Marche (The cost of dinner is not included in the entry ticket to the cinema).

The movie Paolo Sorrentino, played by a cast of Italian actors, He sees a Rome that offers you indifferent and alluring in the eyes of astonished tourists. It 's summer and the city shines with an elusive and definitive beauty. Jep Gambardella has sixty-five years and his person exudes a charm that time has not been able to dent. It is a journalist asserted that moves between high culture and social life in a Rome that does not stop being a sanctuary of wonder and greatness.

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