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Cookie Policy

The site terracruda.it uses cookies to manage and improve some navigation and authentication.

What are cookies?

"Cookies" are pieces of information only text that a website transmits to the hard drive of your computer for the purpose of recognition and / or registration. These cookies allow the site to remember important information that will make your use of the most appropriate site. I cookie, generally, contain the name of the domain from which the cookie comes, the duration of the cookie, and a unique number generated in a random way or another value. Like most Web sites, we use different types of cookies for a variety of purposes, in order to improve your online experience.

What are the categories of cookies?

Cookies can be categorized as follows:

1. Cookies are essential

Navigate the website and use features specifically requests. Without these cookies, these features will not work.
Cookies are essential tend to be session cookies that are deleted after the browser session.
Accepting these cookies is a prerequisite for the use of the website.

2. Performance cookie

These cookies collect information about how users use a website, for example, what are the most visited pages, if you get error messages from web pages, the time spent on the site. These cookies do not collect information that can identify you - all the information is collected on an anonymous aggregate basis and are only used to help us improve the functioning of our website, understand what interests our users and measure the effectiveness of our advertising. They also allow us to track the total number of visitors to our site. Most performance cookies tend to be session cookies that are deleted after the browser session.

3. Cookie Functionality

In some cases we use the cookie feature which allows the site to remember the choices you (as the name, the language or region of origin) and provide customized advanced features. These cookies can also be used to remember the changes to the text size, font and other parts of web pages that you can customize. They can also be used to provide services you have asked for such as watching a video or comments on a blog. The information gathered from these types of cookies can be made anonymous and can not track your browsing activity on other websites.

4. Targeting e Advertising Cookies

The Targeting and Advertising Cookies collect most of the information about users. These cookies are used to provide more relevant advertising to your interests.
We do not use this type of cookies without your explicit consent, that, usually we get asking you to register for a particular service.
For more information Targeting and Advertising Cookies and how to turn them off, please visit the following sites:



Note: We do not control the storage or access to third-party cookies. For more information on the use of cookies by third parties, refer to the privacy policies and cookies on the services in question.

Cookies used on the Web site Terracruda.it

Below is a summary of Web cookies used on the website Terracruda.it. These cookies allow us to offer a better browsing experience. This list will be updated as the web services will change.
The site terracruda.it uses cookies to manage and improve some navigation and authentication.

CookieNamedurationDescriptionMore information
PHPPHPSESSIDEnd of sessionPHP's native cookie is used to establish a user session and to communicate status data through a temporary cookie, commonly called session cookies. Since the PHPSESSID cookie has a time limit, It disappears when you close your browser.PHP.NET
Cookie MessageMessaggioCookie30 daysThis is the cookie used for the alert on the home page regarding the use of cookies on this site. It stores the user's choice.
Google Analytics__utma30 minutesThese cookies are used to collect information about how visitors use our website. We use the information to compile reports to help us improve the site. The cookies collect information anonymously , including the number of site visitors , they come from and the pages you have visited .Google Privacy
__utmb30 minutes
__utmcEnd of session
__utmz6 months
WordPresswordpress_test_cookieEnd of sessionThese cookies are used only for the WordPress admin area and do not cover other site visitorsWordPress cookies
wordpress_<id>End of session
wordpress_logged_in_<id>15 days
wp-settings-<id>1 year
wp-settings-time-<id>1 year
Twitter_ga1 yearThese cookies are created by Twitter. Their presence indicates that a widget or a Twitter button has been used on the site -Twitter security
guest_id6 Months
nodocdomEnd of session
remember_checked_on10 years
Facebook: dart, locale, reg_fb_gate, reg_fb_ref, A11Y, act, c_user, csm, Dutr, fr, lu, p, presence, s, xs (maximum duration of 2 years)Maximum Length: 2 yearsThese cookies are created by Facebook. Their presence indicates that a widget or a Facebook button or a Facebook widget has been used on the site (Facebook Connect, Facebook Social Plugins)Facebook privacy policy
PinterestUntil the cancellationThe "Pin it" button and the Pinterest social widgets are interactive services with the platform Pinterest, Service provided by Pinterest Inc.Pinterest Privacy Policy
Gravatar CookieUntil the cancellationThese cookies are created by Gravatar.com in order to create an image that follows the site user site and appears next to your name when it's something as a comment or write a blog.Automattic Privacy

How to do to block and / or delete cookies?

Users can set your browser to accept or reject all cookies by default or to receive a notification on the screen when you receive each cookie and decide whether to allow the storage of cookies on your hard drive. A tal fine, we suggest you refer to the help section of your browser to know how to change the current setting.

These are some links to specific instructions for the most common browsers:
Google Chrome
Mozilla Firefox
Microsoft Windows Explorer
Apple Safari

Note: By turning off all cookies, you might not be able to use all the features of this website and some web pages may not work properly.

useful resources

A very useful tool to manage cookies and from your browser's privacy the extension Ghostery.
What Ghostery?
Ghostery is a browser extension, ie an application that you can add to your browser or your smartphone / tablet, showing all the companies that are tracking the user's navigation while visiting a website. Ghostery allows you to learn more about these companies and the type of data they collect, and also block them to prevent that collect their data.
For more information: https://www.ghostery.com/

Changes to this policy

This page dedicated to Cookie Policy may change over time, so you should check it periodically since the last change made will fully replace the old. Your use of the site following any changes made to this Policy, It constitutes acceptance of such changes.

Upon completion of this disclosure, Please read our Privacy Policy

For any questions or feedback, please write to [email protected]

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