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Wine is Genius Loci, summer 2018 discover the soul of the sweet hills

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He brought me to the wine cell and his banner over me was love..

This summer, every day is a good day to visit us in the green hills of Fratte Rosa, we are waiting for you every afternoon with always half-full glasses, a smile, ready to explain how and where does the quality driven by passion.

All info at the link below:


Your mouth like the best wine,
flowing straight to my beloved
and it flows on the lips and teeth!
I am for my beloved
and his desire is toward me.
Come, My beloved, we go in the fields,
let us lodge in the villages.
And very early to the vineyards;
we'll see if the vine puts gems,
if flowers bloom,
if the pomegranates flourish:
there I will give you my caresses!


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