Free shipping from 50 euros! Only 5,99 euros for lower amounts.

Go big or go home, we go online!

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Go Big or go Home … We go ONLINE ! 👍👌✌️

Even at a distance, we try to be as close as possible to all our customers! So from now, #restateacasa while you eat and drink and Italian 🇮🇹, we will supply warehouses with all our wines Terracruda! 🍷🍷🍷

How to do ?!

Very simple 😉

You can go to our website 💻
where you'll find the new #shoponline 🛒
or directly on the platform bags at the following link:


🚗 The service is available in Italy!
📆 Deliveries will be made by courier.
✅ Free shipping on orders over 99 €.

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