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Crossing Over Bruni 54

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The test table is a wine Incrocio Bruni 54 grape. I own stand-barrels full of wine knowledge but lacking any clue. On the bottle, I see that it is a white wine, otherwise I would have to guess even that.

After examination, the puzzle will be larger. Terracruda (winery) claims that Bruni 54 a cross between Sauvignon Blanc and Verdicchio. The international grapes VIVC database has demonstrated that it is a cross between Aleatico and Lacrima. Disagreement about the origin of an obscure grape from Marche. Here I feast on. And I do not drop drank.

Sometimes winemakers seasoned marketers. Anything that drives sales allowed on the label. I choose to follow the scientists. According to them, it is a cross between two red grapes, one of which has a distinct aroma rose petals (Tears) and the other is related to the very aromatic Muscat (Aleatico). In my imagination, their white offspring riotous flower girl.

I take a sip. It unfolds and wide range of fine acidity and bitters, the long reverberate through the somewhat filming structure. The finish is juicy, with in the final almond display and a touch spicyness. Just like a gossamer Verdicchio. Certainly no flower girl.

Now I'm confused. Where can I find a reliable source that provides me the right information? But more important: where I find a line tuna steak? As this wine screams namely. lightly grilled, to crown a salad with salsa verde.

And if the practice as glitter, which overwhelms the theory still?

The Leisure Sommelier

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