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I do not know of cap

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Terracruda chooses a new synthetic stopper for a wine free from defects

This wine is corked! How many times did you open a bottle and discover with great disappointment that the wine you've already taste has that annoying flaw: the scent of cap.

The manager is a fungus, parasite of the cork oak.

To give you a free wine faults Terracruda chose one new type of synthetic stopper that, in contrast to the classic silicone stopper, allows you to control the exchange of oxygen with the external environment.

It is consisting of a central core in foam and an outer layer, this type of cap joins two elements that complement each other. The central foam breathes and allows an optimal rate of exchange of oxygen through the stopper, while the outer sheath guarantees a precise and homogeneous sealing.

And what's more, this new type of cap is 100% recyclable.

You can find it on the following wines:




Orcio without sulfites


Good taste without nasty surprises!