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The canteen

Respect for the environment

The environmental sustainability principles that guide us could only push us to build the cellar below ground level, so preserve the beauty of the surrounding landscape, and obtain, at the same time, a remarkable energy saving, maintaining a constant temperature throughout the year, in a natural way.

The structure was designed in order to allow that the operations on the bunches and the first part of the vinification is carried out, in the next future, directly on the roof of the cellar, so as to fill the tanks with the wort to fall, exploiting the force of gravity without having to resort to pressure pumps, with the double advantage of an energy saving and a higher quality.

Harvested by hand

The selection of the grapes is one of the cardinal points of production. The vineyards were made with plants that have a density of 5.500 plants per hectare.
This makes it possible to overcome many of the contingencies dictated by seasonality, carrying out a first thinning (in cases of excessive production) in late spring, and then to carry out the harvest in different manual steps that allow select grapes according to real maturation and quality, and use them, then, in a distinct manner for the production of various types of must / wine.

The integrity and the immediate processing of grapes I have other strengths for those aiming to highest quality. To prevent oxidative processes (due to the rupture of the acini) and prefermentativi (in still warm autumn days) the harvest is carried out exclusively by hand in small boxes. The grapes harvested in vineyards, which are very close to the cellar, They are conveyed continuously and processed immediately. Starting from the harvest 2017, the entire production and vinification is carried out on an organic basis. A choice strongly desired in respect of the earth and all its inhabitants, and that starting from the harvest 2020 it will also be certified on all our labels with the appropriate stamp.

Technological innovation

The cellar boasts the Terracruda best technologies and the most innovative winemaking products, while trying to maintain close contact with the area and the tradition of making.

In the basement

Once inside the cellar, the continuous selection using a vibrating table, to eliminate impurities of all kinds, and a sorting table, in which the grapes are selected manually, so that it uses only the best grapes and the right level of ripeness for producing quality wines.

White wines

The white grapes are pressed whole, with a soft pressing, and the must is then separated with accurate selections, at various pressure levels, without exceeding 1.80 atmosphere. This is made possible by the use of a technologically advanced pneumatic press, which allows to obtain a higher quality wort. Suffice it to say that the old press reached the 120 atmosphere.

Red wines

Red grapes, After a first pass on the vibrating table, a hand-selection and after having been stemmed, They allow themselves to be fermented with long macerations resorting to the "pigeage technique".
This traditional technique, which it was previously done manually, It was revisited in a modern way by our cellar, idea of ​​our winemaker Soverchia, through the creation and use of a suitable mechanical fuller allowing you to mix the must manually and increase the exchange of substances without damaging the integrity of the grapes.

Bianchello del Meaturo Terracruda Pesaro Urbino - Cantina di vini da acquistare online


During vinification cellar uses thermo controlled steel tanks, that allow to monitor the fermentation and storage temperatures. A key step to get a higher quality wine, and a great cleansing of fragrances.

The micro-oxygenation is another technique we use advanced wine cellar. By ensuring a perfect control of oxygenation of the wine during fermentation and maturation, if they exalt the organoleptic characteristics.

At our selections Bianchello, Sangiovese, Aleatico Passito di Pergola and then leave by 12 to 18 months to mature in barrels of French oak 225 l.

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