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The Bianchello Relay returns to the Terracruda Winery

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Shop online vino biologico certificato. Cantina Terracruda vini Doc e Igt Marche Pesaro Urbino

The Bianchello Relay returns to the Terracruda Winery!

โœจ Friday 24 June unique evening in which ancient traditions will relive IN THE MAGICAL NIGHT OF SAN GIOVANNI! โœจ

โฐ 19:00: Meeting in the cellar and departure for the walk through the vineyards at dusk.
โฐ19.45: Presentation in the vineyard of the book by Gianluigi Garattoni โ€œBianchello del Metauro. History, the territory, the winemakers ", to which the author will be present and some glasses of Bianchello del Metauro Doc will be tasted.
โฐ 20.15: Music in Vigna con Inside Acoustic Duet.
โฐ 21:00: return to Cantina Terracruda and dinner by Io Nino, Proloco of Santโ€™Andrea di Suasa.
๐Ÿท๐Ÿฝ Grilled with capocollo sausage, schooner and lemon chicken skewer served with rich salad( mixed salad, mele. fruit,dry cucumbers,radishes, cubes of bread and balsamic vinaigrette and first salt)
๐Ÿฅ—๐Ÿฅ™ Vegetarian dish with meatballs with legumes, bruschetta (pomodoro, celery onion and basil ), Melon salad, arugula and feta, rich salad All will be accompanied by the wines of the Cantina Terracruda with a tasting of Bianchello del Metauro Doc.
โฐ 22.00: The expert in the history and culture of food, he Prof. Ivo Picchiarelli, he will tell us about the ancient customs and rites connected to the night of San Giovanni. There will be a conversation on the equally ancient history of Bianchello del Metauro.
Contribution of The Relay event Bianchello
- by 0 a 6 years free
- dai 6 to 16 years โ‚ฌ 10,00
- dai 16 and over โ‚ฌ 25,00
To be paid directly to the Cantina Terracruda.
During the 'event you can subscribe your membership in your footsteps Walking at a cost of โ‚ฌ 5.00, The association organizes Another Relay and the Relay Bianchello.
Raffaele Papi 3486416335
Anna Bracci 3391872243
Limited seats.
RESERVATION REQUIRED via msg whatsapp to the number 3668132863 Cultural Ass number Walking In Your Steps


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