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The Bianchello Relay returns to the Terracruda Winery!

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The 21 June this year has the smell and taste of light-heartedness and freedom: FREE FROM THE FIREWORK, always in full compliance with the rules, of nature and neighbor!
Come and discover the legends, the uses and customs that are hidden around the Summer solstice and live this magical evening with us!
We are waiting for you in the Cellar to let you taste our Terracruda wines all produced 100% Bianchello Metauro Doc!

A unique evening in which ancient traditions will relive IN THE MAGICAL NIGHT OF THE SUMMER SOLSTICE.

Program Monday 21 June 2021.

Ore 19:00: Meeting in the cellar, welcome glass of Bianchello and departure for the walk through the vineyards at dusk.
Ore 20.45: return to Cantina Terracruda and dinner with artisan crescia cooked on the "focone", all accompanied by the wines of the Cantina Terracruda with a tasting of Bianchello del Metauro Doc.
Ore 22.00: The expert in the history and culture of food, he Prof. Ivo Picchiarelli, he will tell us about the ancient customs and rites of the summer solstice. There will be a conversation on the equally ancient history of Bianchello del Metauro.

Contribution to the MAGICAL NIGHT OF THE SUMMER SOLSTICE event must be paid to’ Cantina Terracruda

- by 0 a 6 years free
- dai 6 to 16 years € 10,00
- dai 16 and over € 20,00
To be paid directly to the Cantina Terracruda.

During the 'event you can subscribe your membership in your footsteps Walking at a cost of € 5.00, The association organizes Another Relay and the Relay Bianchello.

Raffaele Papi 3486416335
Anna Bracci 3391872243
Maria Vittoria +39 348 7953999


- Bring a flashlight;
- Bring a blanket or towel to stretch out on the lawn.

Limited seats

RESERVATION REQUIRED msg Whatsapp to Walking on your steps: ☎️ 3668132863 (msg WhatsApp)

COVID 19: in this delicate phase from the health point of view, we will have to respect some PRECAUTIONS and RULES for the protection of our health and of others:
• To ensure high safety standards, we will admit a limited number of people to each event which will be agreed between the Company and the’ Ass. Cultural Walking in your footsteps
• All participants must have a mask with them (at least one), and hand sanitizing gel.
• The masks will be used ONLY when we visit the cellar or indoors.
• You will have to maintain an interpersonal distance of 1,5 meters throughout the event
The Cellar and l’ Ass. Cultural Walking in your footsteps, they will arrange the event in order to respect the safety distances between non-cohabitants
Thanks to the availability, we ask you to respect the rules and for the rest… GOOD BRACKETS!