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The vineyard

The whole farm has, in the province of Pesaro and Urbino, several hectares of hilly land sites in an area 30 km from the Adriatic Sea and in 30 km Marche Apennines.

Among them were selected 20 hectares to produce predominantly Bianchello Metauro Doc, Pergola Doc Rosso and Sangiovese dei Colli Pesaresi Doc.

From the 2007 80% of production boasts the Denomination of Origin.

looking beyond quality of the final product, Bianchello the old systems were integrated and modernized, to reach the 5.000 plants per hectare, as well as those of new bill, designed with high density installations, involving more than 5.000 cuttings per hectare, in order to control the amount of production in favor of product quality.

The methodologies used for the care of the vineyards are low environmental impact, The principle applied is that of "Opti-dose", the optimal dose of treatment that allows to minimize the impact on the surrounding environment. Starting from the harvest 2017, the entire production and vinification is conducted in biological regime. A choice strongly desired in respect of the earth and all its inhabitants, and that starting from the harvest 2020 it will also be certified on all our labels with the appropriate organic label.

The harvest is carried out only and exclusively by hand, from the middle of August until October, and it consists of more manual steps, variable according to the season, because each type of wine, in each year of harvest, It needs the right level of ripeness of the grapes.

The company is characterized by Research and Experimentation relying on highly relevant technical. Guided by our winemaker Giancarlo Soverchia, in collaboration with the University of Ancona, we started a project for the revival of "Grapes relic", ancient local grape varieties, which they were in danger of becoming lost treasures, They were recovered, replanted and vinified in purity. And 'born that way the line "You do not know who I am" which includes wines IGT Marche Bianco Crossing Bruni 54, Garofanata and Famous.

The canteen Terracruda So does the traceability an element of guarantee, quality and reliability because it controls the entire production chain from the vineyard to the glass.

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