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The protagonist Bianchello the 54th National Fair of Acqualagna truffle!

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We are in full autumn, the right time to savor its best fruits and primarily the White Truffle combined with best local wines.
With great satisfaction for us as producers and demonstrating that the union is strength, for the first time Bianchello Metauro Doc it will be there Official wine of the 54^ National White Truffle Fair Acqualagna (27 October, 1, 2, 3, 4, 9 e 10 November 2019 – COULD, Walk).

The Project Bianchello d'Autore: Stories of Families & Wines.

Bianchello d'Autore is a project born in 2017 that brings together nine historic cellars of Bianchello Metauro DOC, with the support of IMT (Institute Marche Wine Protection).
To participate are: Farm Bruscia, Agricultural Society Cignano, Azienda Agraria Claudio Morelli, Farm “The Convent of Monteciccardo”, Azienda Agraria Di Sante, Azienda Agraria Fiorini, Azienda Agricola Mariotti Cesare, Winery Terracruda, Fattoria Villa Ligi.
The group's objective is to develop initiatives that promote DOC, excellence established in 1969 in the hills from the Adriatic Sea date back to the inside, hugging the banks of the river Metauro. A territory marked by history of an illustrious wine and wineries, for decades, tell "the authentic flavor of the wine".

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