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"Lubaco" Pergola Doc Rosso: a wine not to be missed

Posted on: 09/30/2013

Prestigious recognition awarded by the guide "Good Wines of Italy"

They were about 25.000 wines tasted from all over Italy, be judged by 80 tasters, gathered in 21 working committees that operate in their area of ​​expertise. Once again the winery Terracruda of Fratte Rosa He has managed to stand, earning an important signaling edition 2014 of the guide "Good Wines of Italy". Lubaco” 2009 Pergola Doc Rosso, which bears the signature of the master winemaker Giancarlo Soverchia, It has been greatly appreciated and has earned the highest rating of 4 stars "for pleasure, correspondence to the grape variety and the territory, fineness, consistency and balance ", entering under section "Wines not to be missed".

The Pergola Doc, The designation of origin youngest subsidiary of the Province of Pesaro and Urbino, thus it confirms able to compete with the more famous wine production of the Marche. Last year, indeed, Terracruda had won another important award given by Good Wines of Italy, the "Golden Crown, Pergola with Doc Rosso "Ortaia" 2009. The edition 2014 It confirms that production is growing in quality and that the road taken is the right one.

The "Lubaco", christened with the name with which it is commonly defined as the typical clay soil of Fratte Rosa, you get only the best grapes produced by the Aleatico. The wine remains twelve months in maturation on lees in small oak barrels of first-pass, weekly battonage. This unique fermentation method gives the "Lubaco" wide-bodied, intensity and aromatic complexity.

The Touring Editore guide is particularly prestigious because inspired by the Italian wine tradition and aimed at enhancing local roots, the territory and typicality. Vinibuoni of Italy wants to give a clear signal to consumers and to the Italian and foreign markets, the Made in Italy wine. The guide is unique, in Italian and international scene, because it is the only one dedicated to wines from native grapes, ie those wines produced in 100% from vines that are present in the Peninsula from over 300 years.



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