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Fratte di Visciola – Acquavite di visciole

Production area: Fratterosa Pesaro e Urbino - MARCHE
Raw material: cherries Montefeltro, particular variety of native wild cherries
Distillation: this unpublished fruit distillate is produced with the discontinuous method in a waterbath at the seals Collesi of Apecchio steam (COULD). The cherries of the heating takes place with the system in a water bath, where the steam passes through the gap and by convention heats the cherries placed inside the copper pot, where they are kept in motion by means of a stirrer, to avoid burns on the walls during the heating. With this method the sour cherry brandy is enriched at the right time and alcohol flavors, resulting in a smooth and refined taste.
Alcohol: 40%
Service temperature: 16 ° CTASTING NOTES
Color clear and bright. In the mouth it is soft and dry with a clean scents of sour cherry.

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