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Sustainability & Biological

Sustainability & Biological

Already in Terracruda name reveals his strong attachment to the land and local roots. The word earth for us is the one that represents and evokes the land in the best way, an area that needs to be safeguarded. Respect for the earth and for mankind guide us every day on the path of sustainable development. These are the reasons that starting from the harvest 2017, they pushed us to convert the entire organic production and vinification. A choice strongly desired in respect of the land and of all its inhabitants. From the harvest 2020 the organic is certified also on our labels with the appropriate stamp.

In the basement

Built below ground level exploits the stable temperature of the subsoil and the natural insulation to keep the temperature constant along the whole year, with a considerable energy saving. Furthermore, the entire structure uses only energy from renewable sources. The green energy source that is provided there and its traceability are certified by TÜV SÜD, independent organization internationally accredited.

in the vineyard

The cultivation of the vine takes place with methods with low environmental impact and according to organic cultivation. The grapes are harvested by hand respecting the environment and the wine tradition.

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