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Bianchello Metauro. Part of the relay race

Posted on: 07/03/2013

witness Switching 12 manufacturers Bianchello Doc: stop at the Cantina Terracruda 31 July 2013

And 'one of the first designations of origin of the Peninsula (Doc was recognized in 1969) its origins are so ancient that even date back to Roman times. But there's more: the Bianchello Metauro now it becomes the star of a Relay race between 12 manufacturers They will pass the baton, in this case a bottle of Bianchello, through a journey to discover the natural beauty and historical and cultural landmarks of the province of Pesaro and Urbino.

For designing the initiative 'Association Ambassadors territorial enogastronomy. The departure is scheduled for this afternoon at 16 Piazza XX Settembre, in the heart of the city of Fano. To make the journey on the path of Bianchello, or rather Bianchelli, Sara Sara Bracci who every day face a journey on foot from one cellar, to tell through photographic images, video shoot, and the testimonies of the producers, What's behind a bottle of Bianchello Metauro Doc.

The 31 July 2013 The Relay Bianchello will stop in Fratte Rosa, the Cantina Terracruda, where the daily trip will end with the historic conference Ivo Picchiarelli, on local customs and traditions and a vertical Bianchello Metauro Selection.

Fratte Rosa is particularly linked to Bianchello Metauro, wine from the ancient origin seems to have sealed the fate of Western civilization. According to the historian Tacitus, He played an important part in the famous battle of Metauro, decreeing the defeat, by the Romans, Carthaginians led by Hasdrubal, brother of the famous Hannibal, whose army had succumbed to the lure of Bianchello.

The actual place where took place this epic battle, decisive battle of the Second Punic War between Rome and Carthage (fought 22 June 207 a.C. near the river Metauro), It is still unknown. Among the hypotheses some want to place it in Fratte Rosa. Here there is a street named "Campodarchi", whose name is due to the ritrovamento of arc arrows of the Roman era ends, that could go back to its historic battle against the Carthaginians.

As a Campodarchi now stands a vineyard of Bianchello Metauro. "Campodarchi" It is also the name by which the Cantina Terracruda chose to rename one of its wines, course a Bianchello Metauro Doc Superiore.


Info: www.facebook.com/LaStaffettaDelBianchello

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