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The Relay Bianchello 2013 It makes a stop in Terracruda

Posted on: 07/25/2013

Walk among Romanized campaigns, vertical Bianchello Metauro, workshops, exhibitions and dinner in the vineyard

Fratte Rosa (COULD) One step after another to compose a journey in the footsteps of Doc oldest in the province of Pesaro. E 'in Relay Bianchello, a walking path between 12 wineries producing the Bianchello Metauro. Wednesday 31 July 2013 this travel, conceived by Sara Association arms territorial Ambassadors enogastronomy, will visit the Cellar Terracruda of Fratte Rosa.

The day starts at 9 with the departure from Fano Island (to participate in the walk at info 338/6324688) to get to the Convento Santa Vittoria, in Fratte Rosa, at about 12. Here in the capital of the "pieces" you can make a visit to the Museum of pottery. After lunch in the yard the appointment continues to 16 with a path, open to all, in search of "Traces of water and wine in Romanized campaigns around Fratte Rosa", accompanied by the historian Ivo Picchiarelli. The Bianchello Metauro, indeed, a wine with ancient origins that seems to have marked the destiny of Western civilization. According to the historian Tacitus, He played a major role in the famous battle of Metauro, decreeing the defeat, by the Romans, Carthaginians led by Hasdrubal, whose army had succumbed to the lure of Bianchello.

At about 18 It is scheduled to arrive at the Cantina Terracruda of participants in the Relay and it is here that will be the passing of the baton, in this case a bottle of wine, between producers. The new tasting room company, which will be inaugurated for the occasion, host the exhibition Caravaggio in the kitchen " wine and food photographer Renato Marcialis. Following free drink and open to all, based Bianchello Metauro. The program continues, all 18.30, with a of bricks processing laboratory in terracruda, edited Crockery Bonifazi, mind the expert on local traditions Ivo Picchiarelli will outline "The use of terracotta in the kitchen and food storage, from Roman times to the present day ".

Give her 18.30 all 19.30 It will be possible to taste the Bianchello in its most mature developments in a vertical selection Bianchello (vintages from 2007 al 2011) Giancarlo led by winemakers and David Soverchia (by reservation only, max 30 seats, cost 5 euros).

Final vineyard, all 20.30, with a dinner between rows of Bianchello Metauro and cooking in clay restaurant The Grilles for Fratte Rosa (Cost 35 euros. By reservation only, the few available places are reserved for those who carry out the vertical Bianchello). Info and reservations 0721/777412 info@terracruda.it

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