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Our history

Who we are

Imagine a land where the green of the hills is more intense, where thoughts and the sight is in the infinite landscape, between high mountains and the sea calm. E 'in this land full of magic that has its roots Terracruda, winery in Fratte Rosa. A small village perched on top of a hill, the border between the provinces of Pesaro Urbino and Ancona, in that region in the plural, the market, which never ceases to amaze visitors.

An area that is a crossroads for the production of quality wines. who, indeed, you can produce all three Doc of the province of Pesaro and Urbino: Bianchello Metauro, Colli Pesaresi Sangiovese, the Pergola Aleatico. Terracruda chose to only exploit the indigenous grapes, that best express the essence of the territory, starting production of Doc wines and recovering ancient local grape varieties, now almost completely disappeared.

Vineyards cultivated with low environmental impact methodologies, carefully selected and harvested by hand, in respect of the land and its most precious fruit, grapes, to give you every day a sip of this land.

Where we came from

La Cantina Terracruda recent origin, but the passion that animates it has ancient roots. Born from the union and ideas of three partners who have followed their vocation believing in the potential of a territory, in which the production of wine was mainly made to family character. Not forgetting its origins, but with an eye to the future, The project started in 2000 with the acquisition of over 20 hectares of vineyards, of which 10 already planted with native grapes, and other 10 replanted with local varieties, in particular Aleatico grapes, used for the production of the Doc Pergola. The activity led 2005 when the Cellar Terracruda, under the winemaker guide Giancarlo Soverchia ( in photo), Internally began making wine in a new and technologically advanced, with the intention of combining tradition and innovation. Starting from the harvest 2017, the entire production and vinification are carried out in biological regime. A choice strongly desired in respect of the earth and all its inhabitants, and that starting from the harvest 2020 it will also be certified in all our labels with the appropriate organic stamp.

Where are we going

Terracruda is not only quality wines, but it is also and above all a philosophy of life. To offer an experience 360 degrees of the territory that hosts us we expanded our offer with the renovation of an old farmhouse, from which four independent apartments have been created. And 'This led to the farm Terracruda: a wine tourism haven to discover closely the art of winemaking, to explore the enchanted landscape, to go to taste the typical products of this land, to savor slowly cooked in "shards", to learn about the ancient technique of working with clay, shaped by the skilled hands of the craftsmen, It turns into clay. In addition to the Terracruda farmhouse, our winery offers throughout the summer, an extensive program with events related to the world of wine and conviviality. The event, that starting from 2013, over the years it has been more successful among wine lovers and beyond, is undoubtedly the cycle of Dinners in Vigna Terracruda (in photo), have now become famous throughout our territory with wine lovers who also come from other regions of Italy, to indulge in a 360 ° sensory experience immersed in the vineyard.

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