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Terracruda è ecofriendly

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The Vinibuoni of Italy guide Terracruda awards for its commitment to environmental protection

An important recognition for the wine estate of Fratte Rosa, which highlights the efforts made to date with a view to environmental sustainability, of environment protection and of protection of consumer health.

The guide Vinibuoni of Italy It decided to assign Terracruda, for the year 2015, the diploma Ecofriendly, per “the commitment of his company in the realization of projects aimed at protection of land and the vineyard, as well as the implementation of plans aimed at energy saving e, not last, a production of wines respectful of health and consumer welfare”.

This year Vinibuoni of Italy stands out because it is the 'only red guide companies that are committed to environmental sustainability projects e, with the collaboration Verallia, It reported the companies engaged in these values ​​with an icon Guide.

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