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Terracruda thinks of you… a new wine without sulfites!

Posted on: 09/03/2013

“Orcio” 2012 a Sangiovese no added sulfites

Terracruda cares about its customers, why we have chosen to offer you a new version of our Sangiovese, no added sulfites during vinification.
Come and try it in our new tasting room!

In the vineyard: Selection of the best land, not attacked by diseases and with good leaf-fruit ratio.
Collection: The harvest is done entirely by hand with selection field.
In the basement: It runs a whole grape sorting by means of a vibrating table. Following the single-stemming the grapes are sent with the pump in the tank fermentation. The formed wort is protected with the addition of tannin to prevent oxidation and begin to stabilize the color. The alcoholic fermentation is made from very quickly through “foot tank”. The added yeasts are selected as manufacturers of low sulfur. They use malolactic bacteria in post-fermentation. Aging in stainless steel 6 months. Clarification, filtration and bottling.

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