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Over Vernaccia di Pergola

Posted on: 12/10/2013

In the rough country of the Marches change the high peaks of the Apennines, towards the Adriatic coast, in a sea of ​​green hills. This is the domain of Terracruda, a winery where quality goes hand in hand today in the search for long-lost traditions. Extinct varieties are put back on the map here. A noble effort with often stunning results.

A good example is the (previously described) Bruni Crossing 54 grape. Of this,, tucked away in a laboratory, one left over cuttings. Now the grape planted again and he gives attractive wine. It is true that with an unappealing name -I rather think of a screw having different dimensions than on a fine glass but good.

fewer small, but not widely known, is Vernaccia di Pergola. A name I get instant thirst of happy indeed. Red wine Terracruda make of it (Vettina) There is one with a clear aromatic style. Vol references to roses, violets and blossom. Flavors rarely so clearly emerge in red wine.

Within my test group were the reactions to this wine similar to what coriander spices in area causes. The majority is right for the distinct off-flavor, but not everyone. The opinions contained little grays, it is black or white. Love or hate. I curl myself in the forefront of the group of enthusiasts. This misfit makes me realize again how wide the spectrum of red wine flavors could be. Thanks! Terracruda.

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