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“Villas and Castella” It makes a stop in Terracruda

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Friday 18 July 2014 appointment with Spiritualia, the spirit of things and Festival:

starring director Jonathan Nossiter with the film “natural resistance”

“The natural wine and there is a struggle for sustainable progress, vineyard, in the cellar and in the bureaucracy offices. This is the story of men, women, and theirs 4 companies. All hell broke loose! When the film was announced, the world of viticulture was immediately divided between "Let's not say bullshit!" is good!”, among those who do not tolerate the alleged moral superiority of natural winemakers, who has confused ideas and who, instead, He believes he can change the world. Ten years after the documentary "Mondovino", Always Nossiter, these natural wine rebels opposed to the new world economic order offer an enchanted and joyful model of resistance. Through irony and emotion, Nossiter uses documentary and fiction in a way that will awaken the rebel in each of us. Natural resistance will discuss, jump your nerves, but above all reflect, and hope”.

A “Villas and Castella” we talk about wine and what better location if you do a winery?

The appointment is for Friday 18 July 2014 the Cantina Terracruda:

18.30 Conference Jonathan Nossiter (film director) – In the vineyard with respect: what is behind the film "Natural Resistance"

Following Comparative tasting of Loire wines and the winery Terracruda, led by sommelier Christian Pechoutre, Meilleur Ouvrier de France Sommelier nel 2000.

20.30 Dinner served by Ristorante “The Gridiron” Fratte Rosa

Sample Menu:

– Tacconi with mushroom sauce

– Chicken with black olives, capers and cherry tomatoes

– Flag of vegetables

– Assorted Sweets

– water 0,5 l

Menu Cost 18 euros, excluding wine by the glass

vegetarian Menu:

– Savorgnano vegetables

– Cheese platter and mixed omelettes

– Flag of vegetables

– Assorted Sweets

– water 0,5 l

Menu Cost 18 euros, excluding wine by the glass


21.45 Film natural resistance Produced by G.C. Rossi, P.Prandini, S.Amigorena, in collaboration with Cineteca di Bologna. Regia Jonathan Nossiter. 85 minutes. Lucky Red 2014.

Free admission