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Voice of the verb to hope

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to hope1 v. tr. [years. spērare, the. of hope hopes "hope"] (I hope, etc.). – 1. a. Expect with confidence the realization of something from which satisfactions and advantages are expected, or otherwise positive outcomes; also, consider, without being sure, that something can be or occur in accordance with one's wishes.

We must never stop hoping, this 2020 he taught us well.
So today, one year later, we are giving you another medal, one more victory or two.
Campodarchi Silver, Bianchello del Metauro Doc Superiore 2016 gets 93 Points and the Silver Decanter Medal. 🥂🍾
Ortaia, Pergola Aleatico Doc Superiore 2017, 91 Points and the Silver Medal at Decanter. 🍷🍇
Maybe it's more than we hoped for our wines, because bringing a Bianchello and an Aleatico to an international competition as a Decanter and being rewarded with both wines is the greatest satisfaction because once again we talk about it and it is our territory that really wins, starting from the wines it has countless other products at reach of all to be aware and tasted.
We are waiting for you in the cellar, as soon as possible, to taste again soon together from where we left off.
Thanks to all our collaborators and customers who trust us every day and make this possible.

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